Vision Quest

Solomon prayed to God for wisdom to rule God’s “glorious” people when he became King after his father’s passing.

This is striking to me not because he asks for wisdom but rather, I admire the way he sees people.

How often might we find people irritating, a bother perhaps, untrustworthy, and maybe even burdensome? Do we view others through a cynical eye? Perhaps we live among and see others in a way that keeps us in a defensive posture, guarded and always “safely” distanced.

Our childhood experiences can create much of this. For perhaps this is what we learned at a young age. People can’t be trusted. I am alone and it’s up to me. Others will turn on you, judge you, leave you, and hurt you.

Or, for some, they love people. They actually see the best in others. They don’t mistrust but rather choose to trust. They risk being authentically involved in relationships and willingly open their hearts. They aren’t cynical and angry as much as they are forgiving, compassionate and caring.

For Solomon to see the people he was to lead as glorious, says a lot about his heart towards others. What if we saw others as God’s glorious children – as His wonderful and beautiful creation.

Seems Jesus saw and sees us this way too. Not perfect, but dearly beloved.

What a vision quest to have and to be pursued and embraced. To discard cynicism, and skepticism for grace, kindness, forgiveness, and mercy – not judgmental but discerning, and not condemning but loving.

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