Peace Dive

Most of us have times of worry, fear, and anxiety – and God knows this. As such, He reminds us often we don’t have to worry. Jesus routinely says upon arrival, “Peace be with you”. His very presence brings peace. It’s one of our many gifts from Him. He is the essence of peace – and He even tells us how to “dive” into it.

In Philippians we are encouraged to focus our minds on what is good, and beautiful, and to turn our worries into prayers and in turn, God will settle our hearts.

We don’t have to live anxiously – a big key to this is what we choose to focus on. The “what ifs” and the “whys” can stir up so many worries, but when we pray, set our hearts on all that is well, good, and beautiful, and trust in God’s goodness, presence, power, and help, His peace blankets our hearts.

For me, though I know this is all true, the reality of His peace can seem fleeting at times. It’s not like a zap and there it is. Rather, it actually takes practice to choose this way of living – clinging not to my worries, but to my faith, and the sincerity of my hope that all God says is indeed true.

I am also learning to examine the root of my fears and worries. Quite often, I find their origins are from old habits I learned as a child to survive the realities of an adult world. Thankfully, habits can be broken and changed, and the kindness of realizing they are from when I was a child, helps me see the value and need of outgrowing them as an adult.

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