My Days Are Numbered

How easy it is the forget my days are numbered. We will age, and we will die. It’s inevitable – yet, how soon I forget this simple reality as I allow myself to get caught up and distracted by other things that truly don’t matter over the long run.

So, what does matter? What will we truly leave behind? What will be our mark?

Is it how much money we have collected, and how many of our “piles” will be divided between others? Will it be how much power, popularity, and sense of control we had? Does any of that really matter when our days come to an end?

The Bible is filled with advice on how to live wisely and well – Psalm 90 is an example of this.

What we know deep in our hearts, whether we like it or not, is our greatest impact and mark made in this life is our capacity to love and to be loved.

It’s the love we give, gave, and the love we received that mark us. Indeed, loving God, receiving His love, loving ourself and loving others, as we also receive love from them, is both simple and complex.

For healing is required. Our woundedness keeps us from enjoying all the best of God’s love, and living it out. Could it be, our life is a journey centered around love? “For God so loved the world, He gave…”

May we receive His love, be transformed and healed by His love, trust in His love, learn to share His love, and rest in His love.

This is how to make a living, and to leave behind a true impact. For love marks us and marks others. It’s what our kids, our spouses, our friends, and even strangers will be most touched by during our lifetime.

Giving and receiving God’s love makes life richer, freer, and invites us into a daring, vulnerable, and courageous journey for however long our days here last.

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