Without Defense

In 1 Peter we are reminded to bless others, love them, love ourselves, and run after peace. The idea is to embrace life generously and graciously, as God lives toward us.

This can get difficult however when we live in a state of defense – untrusting, on guard, and selfish. All of which is easy to do in a world that seems filled with deceit.

Yet, as Believers, we get to live differently. To actually live as though we fully trust God, and to live authentically, with genuine affections, hopeful expectations, and with hearts so filled with gratitude that our lives become outpourings of love, blessing, encouragement, care, and grace.

Clearly, these are not automatic responses like being defensive can be, and it’s not the most natural way to live – but that’s the beauty, power, and majesty of it all – it’s a richer and freer way.

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