Work is a gift – but how can something so helpful potentially become harmful?

“Workaholics” can become obsessed with their performance, making it a paramount part of their identity, and as such, can often sacrifice hobbies, play, exercise, and even relationships for it. They may even feel guilty about taking vacations, and so either they don’t, or if they do, they “proudly“ keep working while away.

Ultimately, all this and more can take its toll on one’s health, relationships, and overall well being.

Many years ago, I realized I struggled with workaholism, and I was paying a heavy price for it relationally, physically and even psychologically.

Workaholics tend to make their work their identity, while heathy workers bring their identity to their work.

It’s easy for some of us to get sucked into unhealthy patterns – for we deeply desire to please, do well, be validated, and “prove our worth”. But hopefully, we can come to a place where work doesn’t hold this much power over us. Instead, we can begin to approach our life and our work wisely, responsibly, and well.

Admittedly, I continue to struggle at times with workaholic tendencies, but being aware when these temptations arise has been helpful in responding to them in healthier ways.

Knowing one’s identity outside of one’s work is nourishing- yet sadly, some of us come to discovering this truth much later in life, but thankfully, with God, renewal is never too late.

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