Crossing Swamplands Home

Problems, pressures, and pitfalls will always be a part of our life. Like swamplands, we sludge our way through them, not ignoring the fact we are in the swamp, but also not allowing it to stop us, or to prevent us from moving forward.

But why continue to move? Why keep going? What is the hope, and the reason we have to endure such situations?

I can only think of one – the swampland is not my home. It’s not where I belong, but it’s in my path and a place to be crossed as I make my way home.

“Home” being a figurative description to the man I desire to be. Clearly, home is ultimately heaven and we will be made perfect once we’re there, but we are also on a journey while we’re here and can experience tastes of home.

As such, I desire to be all God created me to be while I’m here. To not waste any more moments on the anxieties, fears, and angers He reassures me I no longer need. I don’t want to cling to these things and linger in the swamplands, when there are grasslands, clear waters, and so many other places to experience and see.

I’m describing my inner world, of course. Is it at peace, filled with joy, love, kindness, mercy, grace, or rage, insecurity, bitterness, and fear? Again, these swamplands mush be crossed, but with Christ, there is another side our faith offers. We get to be with Jesus now, in His presence as we seek Him, trust Him, and rely upon Him.

And so the swamplands begin to change – we no longer see them as daunting and intimidating as we once did. And we grow more grateful for this truth, as we move forward in life, knowing we are freed from all the temptations the swamp offers.

I’m truly grateful for this healing, for God’s help and reassurance, and for all the gifts “home” with Him offers, which impacts family, health, work, and life.

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