Sweet and Sour

Life is short – even in Psalm 90 we’re reminded how brief the 80 years or so we might have truly is. And that during those years there are plenty of hardships and pains. This is the sourness of life.

Yet, there is also sweetness – primarily the unfailing love of God that is available to satisfy us each and every morning. May we learn to meditate on this truth, and learn to truly experience it, rather than fret and worry our remaining days away.

We may have had years we soured our relationships, health, time, and opportunities, but the prayer is those years may be replaced with good ones, better ones, purposeful ones. Years of healing, rather than harm; generosity, rather than selfishness; kindness, rather than cruelty; and courage, rather than fear and worry.

I know many of my years have been wasted on the former things – but like the Psalmist, I trust and pray my future, no matter how brief it may be, will be filled with restoration in all those areas wasted so long ago.

Imagine engaging and experiencing every moment of life with the knowledge of just how brief and precious it all truly is. Does it not help us to better see and enjoy God’s goodness in the opportunities He grants us?

It’s daring to acknowledge and grieve, not to ignore and deny, what we have lost. And it’s bold to engage the hard, but good work God offers us in healing from all that has been harmed.

But as I continue to learn, when we choose to do so, our faith, hope, and love grows in powerful ways. Including our heart’s ability to look out for and appreciate all the current treasures in our life, rather than just worrying, regretting, and fretting over all the bad.

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