Living In Awe

I’ve been reading and seeing more and more people pursing their “second half” of life.

Their first half may have been spent building their education, experience, and moving into the “executive” suite. They may have made it in terms of money and position, but feel something still burning inside, and even parts of them decaying.

Something is missing – something they thought their 1st half would provide. And so, they go out – at least some do – to start their new life – their 2nd half, a bit wiser, and go do what they truly aspire for, or at least investigate what that might be.

I get it – but I also don’t think we necessarily have to leave one thing to go after another. I wonder if it can all be integrated?

If someone hates their job, that’s another issue, but if there is value they glean from it and still give to it, and don’t despise it, but yet still feel something within them they wish to pursue, can they not do both?

This can be hard though, for we can feel pulled. Split in half almost. Perhaps this is the classic midlife crisis, we so often hear about?

Whatever it may be, no one really wants to waste their life. We don’t want to live dead inside. We see too much of this. So many trapped by their fears, doubts, insecurities, rules, and obligations. They seem to merely exist, and find ways to distract, and numb themselves to the pain of the deadness they feel inside.

Others may seem to let it all go and travel the globe, to live seemingly without stress, or worry and the world is their playground. Though that may be appealing, it’s really not a reality for most.

And then there are the “in-betweens”. Those who don’t despise their jobs, but also hold other desires they wish to engage. It’s not merely all about work anymore. They now possess a quiet longing for newness, discovery, and adventure. A deep desire that keeps growing louder and stronger each passing year – becoming harder and harder to ignore.

Clearly, Jesus offers all of this and more, for ultimately, these desires are often matters of the spirit and heart – and of course, this is where His healing touch is so powerful.

But – how do we truly embrace this truth? I mean, we may know this, and believe it, but how is it actualized in our life? Does it just happen like a bolt of lightening and suddenly we’re cured from worry, stress, doubt, despair, and fear to live a life of joy, peace, passion, and confidence? If so, why don’t we see more of this?

Clearly, it’s a slow process of healing, awareness, and restoration, but I’m also discovering it’s embracing more “awe” and even looking for it.

Consider – how often do we truly allow ourselves to see, live, and breath awe? We may have moments when we slow down long enough to look around, and embrace the wonder we have for all God created, and His power to hold it all together. But honestly, and far too often, these are mere moments for me. Then it’s off to the races again, as stress, fear, and worry drown out the peace and awe I was once feeling so deeply.

What if we could learn to embrace and live with wonder and awe every day – at work, in relationships, at home, and at play? Allowing ourselves to take it all in – and to be very present with it. So much so that we can even see the miracle of life in each person, even those we may struggle with.

If we truly lived in a consistent state an awe of God – how would our current jobs change? Our struggles? How would our relationships change, and the way we pursued the passions of heart change?

If we embraced awe what could that do in our hearts and spirit – and ultimately our life? (Matthew 22:37 & Psalm 128)

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