“WELL-TH” Building

Professionally, I enjoy the financial industry because of the social, economic, and growth potential it offers.

Unlike any other industry, serving as a true finanical concierge, invites one into a person’s life by granting them influence into another’s business, home, family, and finances.

With such access, character, competence, and compassion are essential components the most impactful people and organizations must possess.

As such, I wish wealth could be respelled as “w-e-l-l-t-h”, because that’s truly what we’re after, to be WELL-THY and to help others be “wellthy”.

Thankfully, this is a reality many can achieve in life regardless of income levels, or net worth. We just have to better define what we’re pursuing both personally and professionally.

This is what makes “Life Planning” so invaluable. It doesn’t replace business, or finanical planning, but it does come before them. 

Defining, clarifying and developing a life plan can be challenging though in that it feels “soft”, rather than concrete, but a clear Life Plan actually establishes a healthy root to better drive and direct all we do. And it’s never one and done, but a lifelong pilgrimage of betterment and refinement. Here are some key questions to help us flush out key components to a life plan:

1. What am I motivated by more than money? What do I really want? Often times we substitute money, or become conditioned to believe money will bring the things we truly desire.

2. Consider what “accumulations” in life last forever – there aren’t any. Then consider your life investments. What are we investing our life in that can’t be lost – personally, professionally, at home, etc? It’s usually the unique impact, love, value, and care only we can bring to others.

Listing these root desires helps us identify what we’re truly after. Consider the impact of a business who’s owners have a well defined life plan driving their business plan. Consider also how a well defined life plan improves the customization of one’s personal estate plan, career plan, and/or finanical plan. The impact is palatable, potent, and perpetual.

We all have the opportunity to be change agents wherever we are, and as Christians, we know Jesus holds the keys to our eternal life plan. He’s our true “wellth”. The invitation and opportunity is, will we dare to trust Him and fully step into it?

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