Moving Too Fast

I have always been hyperactive. My mind races, and my body has a hard time being still.

This made school challenging, and focusing on details taxing. It demanded and still does require an enormous amount of self discipline to remain present.

I can tend to jump from topic to topic, and sit with one foot always tapping. I’m sure it has no doubt frustrated and/or entertained many throughout my life.

Some may say I have ADHD, and those into Enneagrams, aren’t surprised to discover I’m a type 7. Whatever it is, I am simultaneously grateful for my high energy level, and also more aware than ever to the negative side effects it can bring to relationships and my overall quality of life.

I find it hard to stay in the moment. My imagination and vision of the things to come always tends to keep me distanced from the realities of today. It’s hard to fully embrace the present moments, and this is something I truly desire – to linger longer, to allow my mind, body and spirit to truly be at rest; to feel and see what is going around me, and to be quiet enough inside to truly listen.

This requires intentional focus, and also why I think I enjoy scuba diving, motorcycling, and triathlon training. For safety and success, mental and physical alertness to what’s going on currently is essential. These things have helped still my mind, slow my flurry of thoughts, and to build the habit of focus.

Developing better focus is also helpful spiritually. For we can all get distracted by various things, like our worries, responsibilities, troubles, and stressors – which are all very real. Yet, God reassures us to seek Him first, trust Him, ask Him for help, and to fellowship with Him. He promises to guide us, and to help us with everything life throws at us, and to love us through it all.

When I slow down long enough to truly seek Him, talk to Him and trust Him, I can honestly say, I feel His presence and my anxious mind and body feel at rest. My mind clears, and my soul is refreshed.

Is this all a figment of my imagination, or is it really His Spirit ministering to mine?

I know it’s beyond my imagination, because that only lasts so long. It can feel like God’s hand is on my shoulder when I turn to Him. He doesn’t condemn me, but helps me slow down, to rest in green pastures, to be led by Him to peaceful waters, and to allow myself to be pursued by His love and goodness all the days of life.

He is my good Father. My friend. My wonderful Counselor, and my Healer – this is my Jesus. He shows me the goodness that comes from the energy and hyperactivity He has given me. He makes each of us with unique qualities, they are no accident – and He teaches us how to use our uniqueness in beautiful ways, when we turn and trust all to Him.

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