Hearts Out From Hiding

I realize just how long and hard I have worked to keep my heart safe – to try and protect it from harm, pain, rejection, and sorrow.

Although the intent to protect oneself initially seems good and well, and is obviously necessary to a degree – an unhealthy guarding comes from a spirit of fear and a place that is very young.

The walls some of us learn to construct around our heart, though developed to protect us from pain, may have benefitted us to a degree as children. However, as adults, what worked for us as kids, eventually grow outdated, and can even become harmful.

For how can a heart hiding behind a “protective” cage truly be free? This isn’t saying we don’t guard ourselves from evil as the Bible encourages, but rather, dare to break down the the barriers stifling healthier relationships.

Perhaps we long for new adventures with others, but are still too scared to engage; or desire to share our voice among the many, yet still remain silent for fear of rejection and ridicule.

To truly be free, as Jesus puts it, our hearts must bountifully receive and believe all the love, validation, acceptance, and desire God has for us – and to live this reality out generously.

This sets us free from needing and seeking validations, acceptance and approvals from others. For our cups are already full and overflowing from God, and not reliant on being filled by others. Though it’s nice to experience such positives, the pains of not receiving them lose their sting and thus the walls we have built can begin to be removed.

We become better empowered to engage the sometimes difficult task of burning any ancient masks and barriers that may still remain, so that we can indeed be all God created us to be.

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