Enjoy The Best Of Jesus

Do we “enjoy” Jesus? I have seen various quotes from past saints claim such bold things as to “love God and enjoy the life He gives”, and to “enjoy the best of Jesus”, as well as the catechism, “glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.

Yet, to be honest, how often do we see, or even hear such boldness? It’s such an audacious display of hope to live out a life that declares God is indeed a good, good Father, who loves us deeply, and that our joy brings Him joy.

Clearly, as Henry Nouwen states, may we pray for God “to bring us a greater desire to follow Him on the way He creates for us, and to accept the cross that He gives to us” – but this is not without joy. Rather, it nurtures it. Because we trust His way, His love, His goodness, and His purposes.

When we learn to live in such freedom, our hearts indeed transform from hard to tender, and from death to life. They dare to joy, they dare to pursue the desires God places within them, and they dare to believe & live, as though they are indeed a new creation.

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