Phoenix Love – 24 Years Ago Today

These lyrics were written by me, and sung acoustically by two friends at my wedding 24 years ago.

Though I was barely 24 years old, it was my attempt, during that period in my life, to express my love for the person I wanted to marry. Granted, I had no idea what all that truly meant – and it definitely was during a time I was not walking closely with God.

Looking back on this song, and remembering my emotions, I am truly amazed how this seedling of love has blossomed, changed, and matured through various storms, trials, and struggles. My marriage truly is one of God’s most precious miracles in my life.

The roots of our love and partnership have grown deeper, our trunk stronger, and our branches farther than I could have ever imagined – but only because of Jesus Christ.

Flat out, and point blank, He saved our marriage, He renewed our love, and He has revealed deeper truths in our hearts. Without Him, our marriage, and most likely, even my life, would have withered away long ago – but today, I praise God, and am humbled by His goodness, grace, mercy, kindness, and love.

He has given me both an earthly and spiritually treasure that’s beyond measure – and it truly serves as evidence to the hope that “We will see the goodness of God in the land of the living” – And so I have, and so I do.

Interestingly, I titled this song Phoenix Love back then, never realizing how the dying and “resurrection” imagery would be proven true for us over time.

For the love we thought we had definitely went down in flames, but what has been reborn in its place, is truer, purer, and more genuine than anything I have ever known.

I am forever grateful for this rebirth in my marriage, and our lives. Truly as God promises, we have been made a new creation – not perfect – but new.

Now at 48, I better understand the sacrifice, pruning, partnership, blessing, privilege, and joy marriage truly is and brings. It’s not for the faint of heart, but with God, it is a powerful display of His beauty, His Life, and His heart.

Phoenix Love

“Rise high my darling

Together we’ll touch the sky.

Our love is a Phoenix that can never die.

From the ashes of the world we shall rise above,

And love forever in youth. Sweet, free spirited youth.

Lay your head upon my shoulder,

Never could I have imagined a lady as lovely as you.

Like an Angel blessing me in song,

I reach out to you, And you don’t fly away.

Though many could have loved you,

You chose me. The lonely man in isolation, you saw through.

My darkest storm couldn’t drive you away.

I promise my love to you forever.

Through every road’s bend,

Our Phoenix love will never die.

In loves youth,

Sweet free spirited youth.

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