Thundering Herds

Numbers can drive movements and change – no doubt. Get any large army, large gathering, large groupings, and this power in numbers can be seen.

However, there is also an unseen – and God seems to enjoy creating great movements with small numbers. Gideons army is a great example of this, as is the immeasurable impact created by the coming of just one man – Jesus.

As believers, we are part of God’s Kingdom. Though we still live in this world, but are no longer a part of it. As such, we may seem to be in the minority. A smaller herd, or grouping amidst a louder and larger world.

So often, this can create in us a need to create our own groupings, whether they be denominations, political parties, etc. One reason we do this is so that our voices, our similarities, opinions, causes, views, ideologies, and preferences will be heard and implemented amidst all the other voices around us.

Yet, we are already part of a larger body that exists beyond what can be merely seen in the here and now. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are part of a Kingdom far greater than any other we have ever seen.

Therefore, we are empowered with the grace, ability, wisdom, and love to live among all the thundering herds without being absorbed by, or drowned out by them.

We needn’t be intimated either, but encouraged by the opportunity we are given to live as change agents, love agents, and Christ’s agents within and amidst all them.

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