Eager Livin’

To live eagerly inspires a sense of hope within my soul. It seems to awaken my heart to all that is, and all that is possible, as I grow ever more intimate with Christ in my life.

Eager to relate healthier with others, or as the Message translation puts it, “being easy on people makes life a lot easier” (Luke 6:37-38).

We seem to take ourselves and others so seriously, and though life is serious and our struggles are real, embracing a sense of compassion to all the harm, trauma, pain, and suffering people have to endure over their lifetime, can’t help but soften our hearts towards them, and even towards ourselves. We seem to expect so much perfection from ourself and others – at least I know I do.

But when we are eager to find the goodness in others, eager to forgive transgressions, and as Jesus encourages us, to even love those who despise us – how can this be done well by white knuckling through it with gritted teeth? Doesn’t seem very genuine – more dutiful than anything. What of the heart? Where is it in that situation?

Yet, when we are eager to trust God’s love for us, eager to believe His kindness, goodness, and strength is always with and available to us, our souls are better for it, and better able to respond genuinely to such matters of the heart.

To live with this kind of love is so inviting – and yet, can also be difficult at times. For it feels so vulnerable, almost foolish, but then again, I can’t help but be drawn to it more eagerly each passing day.

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