Doses of Daily Delights

Can we delight in each day? Truly, not as hoarders seeking consumptions to gratify our lusts, but rather, as children receiving daily gifts from a loving Father.

To “make the most of whatever job we have for as long as God gives us life. Making the most of what God gives, both the bounty and capacity to enjoy it. Knowing, God deals out joy daily”.

Will we choose to live gratefully and happily with the spouse we love, knowing this unique connection is as a reward for our toil?

We truly have so much as children of God – yes, there is heartache and hardship, but there is also much beauty to bless. Even truer is as we grieve and allow ourselves to lament and mourn the losses, how much greater is our appreciation for the delights.

We can be tempted to extremes, to act as beggars void of joy, or as rebellious prodigals seeking to consume all we can while we can.

Instead, we are richly blessed children of God, honoring all He is, and all He does, knowing our pleasure gives Him pleasure. Dare we also be faithful stewards of that?

And all that comes into our path, are seen as daily opportunities to express, experience, enrich, engage, enjoy, and extend His blessed bounty and belovedness to these encounterings – including ourselves.

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