Receiving Well

Most of us enjoy receiving gifts, and giving them. Yet, one act may be easier than the other. For some, receiving well may be hard to do. We might be much more comfortable with giving.

For example, I recall a time attempting to lift a canoe to the top of my car. I knew I could do it, but this particular day my arms felt tired from the recent paddle. Another man nearby asked if I needed any help – “No, thanks – I got it – thanks, though” was my quick reply. Wasn’t long before I lost my footing and slipped into a hedge of bushes, ripping my favorite vest.

Even still, I denied help, and with a new rush of adrenaline I was quickly able to get the canoe relifted and fastened to the top of my car.

Why are some of us like this? So silly really. And sadly, how much more difficult do stubborn traits like this make it to receive God’s gifts?

Just consider, how often we can miss the goodness and beauty all around us each and every day. Perhaps instead focusing on all that is, or could go wrong.

Even as believers, we might forget the unbelievable gift we have received of eternal life, and our reconciliation to God. I know there are days I don’t think about it. Sadly, we get so busy, we truly miss just how magnificent this daily gift is.

If we truly embraced and received it, how differently might our life look?

Selfishness is typically attributed to a focus on getting, rather than giving, but for those of us who struggle with receiving, we must consider why that is. Perhaps we want to be in the position of power, and aren’t comfortable with being in the position of brokenness, meekness, and need.

Definitely an ego thing for sure. It’s selfish in that we want to be in control, and receiving indicates there is something out of our control.

I pray for the maturity to receive well, just as Jesus did. Think of the lady who worshipped at this feet, pouring expensive perfume all over him. He received this quite well – as well as He gave.

May we be like-hearted. To truly learn how to receive well with honor, beauty, gratitude, humility, and kindness. This kind of heart partakes in an inner freedom unlike any other.

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