Want more than money?

Often time when I’ve been in interviews and/or even talking to people in general, and the question, “what motivates you?” comes up, a very common answer is money.

“I am motivated by money”, they will say. In fact, this was my answer during high school and college – all I wanted was a job that paid a lot of money.

Not that this is a wrong motivation, but it’s rarely the sole motivation we believe it to be. As such, a question to consider to help uncover more truth is, “what motivates you more than money”? This causes us to dig deeper into why we think money is our motivator, when in reality, it’s something much more emotional.

Perhaps we desire stability, validation, acceptance, approval, and/or esteem, because we feel we lack these things and money is a way to gain them.

That was true for me. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, but my insecurities and self doubts created an inner longing for contentment, containment, and confidence. As such, money seemed to be the remedy to these deeper needs. Of course, it’s not, as it only provides temporary relief.

Healing is required. Spiritual, emotional and psychological healing, and of course, God is the Great Physician. He leads our hearts into healing and within holy fellowship, and authentic connection, fellow believers can help each other in powerful ways.

Many of us may not have these type of relationships now, but this is where God’s promise to “bring the lonely into family”, is so nourishing to my heart. We are not alone in our journey – God is always with us, always leading, and always inviting us to deeper connections with Him, ourselves and others.

Is money your primary motivator? Dig a little deeper and most likely you will find it is merely a substitute to soothe a deeper heartache and need.

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