Hot Donuts

This world can be desperately disappointing – for everything in it decays, dies, and diminishes in time.

Not to sound too morbid though – there is hope. It just can’t be found in the world – but oh how we try. I have and still do at times – either looking to people, relationships, positions, possessions, applause, performance, etc to fulfill me and sustain me – to give me joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Yet, as we soon discover – none of this lasts. For it’s worldly and like candy, it may taste good, but can’t nourish and sustain us.

This life lesson may take a long time to learn, and some may never learn it. For until we come to terms with the fact that only Jesus can truly fulfill, sustain, nourish, and strengthen us, we will always be distracted by the “hot donuts” sign flashing to get our attention – promising some tasty treat that is all too soon gone.

Don’t get me wrong – hot donuts and tasty treats have their place – but only when we acknowledge the reality of what they are. Money, career, relationships, things, praise, none of the tasty treats we may run to are “the thing” that will fulfill us, sustain us, and nourish us. They have their place, but are not and can not take the reserved place in our hearts that only Jesus can fill.

We can see all the things in the world, like the the beauty, the pleasures, and the fellowships as tastes of the Kingdom, blessings from our Father, and the goodness of what’s to come – but they aren’t to be worshipped, hoarded, chased, and/or idolized – as we are so often tempted to do.

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