Inner Circles

Ever notice how there always seems to be inner circles within inner circles?

For example, there are coastal areas you can go to vacation that are really nice, and on that same island, there is a gated area that is even nicer and then within those gates is another gate that hides the most pristine area of all.

Same with work groups, organizations, and other fellowships where you may be part of the larger group, but then there’s an inner circle within that group, and if you happen to be invited into that circle you soon realize there is even a tighter inner circle.

We can even see this with the disciples. There was the larger body of disciples, then there were the 12 and within the 12, we know of 3 that seemed to have an even tighter relationship with Jesus.

What’s going on with all this? We do it too don’t we? We may have a group of friends, but then there are those really close friends, or friend.

Thankfully, as Christians, God says we are all His beloved children and in His inner circle. Though granted, some choose to enjoy, and pursue that privilege and relationship more closely than others with a noticeable life difference.

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