Relax and Work?

Relaxing and working don’t usually go together. We tend to think of them as opposites. In other words, I’m able to relax when I’m away from work.

Yet, I love the insights gleaned from Psalm 127. It actually describes an anxious work, and then goes on to explain how God enjoys giving His beloved relaxation.

As such, it doesn’t say not to work, but seems to describe the possibility of separating an anxious and stressful work for a more peace infused, restful work. Is that even possible?

Indeed – as an illustration, imagine inheriting millions of dollars, and choosing to remain at your current job. Would knowing you have millions in the bank change the way you work?

Consider the sense of freedom you think it might bring knowing you didn’t have to worry about money, losing your job, or how you were being judged. Would your overall work quality and results would even improve?

As followers of Christ, I assume, we wouldn’t suddenly become arrogant jerks simply because we didn’t have to worry about money any more – or would we?

It’s interesting how we choose to give “money” the imaginary power to reveal and remove such things. We think this paper will somehow allow us to live out our true colors, either positively, or negatively. Why?

If it truly removed our anxieties about work, and empowered us to be more ourselves, whether that be good or bad, just ask any billionaire if money removed their worries – and if they feel freer to be their “true” selves.

I think we know by now that isn’t true. For we can see their struggles, facades, and troubles plastered all over the press most everyday. More money seems to even compound more issues.

As such, I believe God is inviting us to see farther, deeper, and clearer. It shouldn’t be money with that much influence over our work, but Him.

For God gives all the empowerment we need to bring our true selves to work and without the worry. He is the power that removes our self-induced stresses, and facades, and allows us to reveal even greater works. He is the One that makes all the difference as we work well and keep Him at the center of all we do.

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