Leading – From A Child’s Heart To Ours

A friend recently shared she saw written in chalk while at a playground with her son, the following words, “be the kind of leader you would follow”. This was scribbled by a little girl at that elementary school.

Got us thinking, how most aspire for such leadership in life, but over time, we can get distracted and neglect this simple yet powerful truth that even a child can understand. For insecurities, stress, busyness, worry, and so much more can just overtake and cloud our days at times. Maybe we say, or do things we shouldn’t have, or hold back/take when we should give.

Yet when we stumble, as imperfect people do, may we quickly remember our leadership matters, and it is a tool that can be used for blessing, kindness, hope, grace, creativity, generosity, encouragement, freedom, and love – and as such, may our hearts hurry back to being the eager distributors of these things.

This simple choice changes everything for ourselves & others ❤️

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