Adventurously Expectant

The new life we received from God isn’t timid, but is adventurously expectant with things to do and places to go! Romans 8:15

God confirms who we are – His children, and as such, we are heirs to His unfathomable blessings that span on for eternity.

We have troubles in this world, but we are not left alone – He’s with us, helping us, and healing us. We have goodness – for all good things come from Him, and we know we can not lose these things for all shall be restored. Though we have temporary pains – we have endless promises of what is and what will be.

Living with such expectant hope, and profound confidence in the goodness and kindness of our Father can’t help but change the way we love and live today. We only need to keep Him in the forefront of all we do – never forgetting, He is with us, loves us, guides us, cares for us, and helps us live our new life in Christ wisely and well.

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