Not Dead Yet

Buzz Aldrin professed that “Exploration is wired into our brains. If we can see the horizon we want to know what’s beyond”.

This is definitely true for me – I have to explore, can’t help it. Anyplace I go, I can’t settle in until I first get out to explore my surroundings.

Same for that line where the sky meets the sea – I always dreamed about setting out for it, and discovering what new lands and adventures awaited me there.

If we are blessed with the health, time and opportunity to take new explorations – may we do so. Time is passing quickly it seems, and I see those with many more years than me as windows to my potential future. I pray and long to be among those still surfing, still sailing, still learning, still exploring, still listening, still seeking, still playing, still going, still serving, still giving, still living.

I know for believers, this life is not the end, and I’m grateful for that – imagine all the new adventures awaiting us! And yet, we have also been given this time and this day – may we make the most of it.

For explorations often lead to new discovers about His creation, ourselves, others, and our God. Learning to live free and full in Christ and going wherever that adventure leads us isn’t alway easy – for its often unknown, risky, not cheap, and unfamiliar.

But if He truly gives us the desires of our heart, what would happen if we prayerfully and faithfully explored them?

I’m not talking about a life of self consumption – but of a life surrendered. A life that follows the promptings of the Spirit – that lives freed from the entanglements of materialism, confinement, and hedonism. A life that dares to live fully until the day we die. For as one once wisely said, “its not how old we are, but how we are old”.

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