Just In Time

The adventure I have taken has been filled with beauty, hard work, and uncertainty – and God’s goodness has been all over it.

I have a mountain of material to learn within a short amount of time and yet my days have been filled with much activity that the time to learn has been tight. Yet, I take it one step at a time. At one point on this trip, the early mornings, long days, and new learnings reached an apex of exhaustion – but right at that point God opened my schedule to give me a sunny day off – to drift in the ocean on a kayak as dolphins swam close by.

The rain held off until night so that I could enjoy the day. I was able to catch up on sleep, exercise, catch up on study material beachside, and simply renew my strength. God knew I needed it.

He has sent me verses to encourage me from friends at just the right time. He has reminded me to be kind to myself – stop with the perfectionism, fearing failure – and that He loves me always, and anyway.

I have desires and interests to pursue that God has given me, but more so as invitations to go away with Him, to pursue them with Him, to learn more about Him, to receive loving help from Him, and to build my relationship with Him.

Our desires connect us to God when we see and value them as coming from God. He is our Source of all good things – and our sustainer in them.

I yet to know the outcome of my trip, but thus far this adventure has been one of discovery, filled with beauty, newness, weariness, restoration, awareness, and joy. Just as life with God should be.

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