Done Wrong

It hurts when someone does us wrong. Especially when it comes from someone close to us. Unfortunately, most of us know of this pain far too well, and sadder still is perhaps the wrong we have inflicted on others.

Often times it is our wounds that manifest into insecurities, fears, pride, ego, lusts, and anger, that lead us to hurt others, and others to hurt us. As it’s been said, hurting people hurt people.

However, is it the best parts, or the worst parts of a person that reveals their true self? The answer is we are all broken, and at the same time beautiful. We are a composition of our worst and best parts. Granted, we can heal and become closer to our truer selves each day, but no one will ever be perfect, or without brokenness.

Therefore, when we can hold this truth, we are better equipped to not judge and condemn, but to respond to others and ourselves with compassion and in love. Knowing others will fail us, and we will fail others, but not to blanket those failings as their true self – For if we and they are in Christ, we are a new creation, and are being healed from the inside out.

Our hardened hearts are made soft and good, and as works in progress, we learn how to live more authentically, vulnerably, sincerely, compassionately, lovingly, and patiently – as God produces His fruits in our spirit to overflow onto others.

Living out our new life doesn’t come easy – it’s a narrow road – and naturally, there are dangerous people who are not well intended, or safe to be around – but for those walking with Christ, seeking God, and desiring to be faithful stewards – we can learn to hold both the beauty and the brokenness we all bring with greater compassion.

To understand, forgive, and know that our broken pieces don’t define us, though they are a part of us, as much as our beauty is. As such, we don’t look to man, but to God for all our needs to be met, our desires fulfilled, our hopes anchored, and our lives restored.

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