Facing Troubles

Troubles come and go – they are like waves of the ocean – constant, continuous, and consistent. However, so is God’s goodness, love, and faithfulness.

Yes – troubles will come, but we don’t have to make them worse. Instead, we can trust God with them. Seek His guidance, and direction, and instead of trying to control and manipulate the situation, we can respond in faith. Knowing God is aware, God is helping, and God is teaching.

He is teaching us to trust. He is healing us from the wounds we have received that cause us to mistrust in the first place, and He is redirecting our focus on Him. He is always faithful when others may fail. He is always good, when others may harm, and He is always loving, when others may hate.

As we face our troubles, we can do so without trying to escape, deny, or control them. We can engage them in faith, seeking and obeying God’s direction in and through them.

He is faithful, and He is inviting us to be as well – even as the troubles come. Responding in hope, not hopelessness – because we know where our help and our strength comes from.

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