What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Someone once said, “look closely. The beautiful may be small”.

Good reminder when what so often can win our attention is the broken, and chaotic. And though those things have their time and place to be engaged, making the effort to not miss the beauty also present, and to perhaps even to offer it, makes for powerful impacts.

These “labors of love” help bring life into places & with others. Maybe you can think of someone who is like this & of their influence – even cooler is the idea that someone may even be thinking that person is you.

Today, love is an overused word to describe many things. Yet, it is still rarely, if ever, used in the work place. Almost as if to suggest we are to separate our hearts from our work – which unfortunately, many may do, but the opposite is true.

However, what say you? Do we tend to see flaws over strengths, and steer to criticize over compliment?

If love does anything, it creates and grows an atmosphere of trust and freedom. It doesn’t try to hold captive, restrict, micromanage, control, condemn, assume, consume, gossip, and/or hold back. It doesn’t need to. 

Rather, trust, promoted by love, enjoys freedom, establishes safety rails, invites diversity, compliments, encourages, is kind, promotes others, is truthful, and gives. 

If there’s anything we need more of today is more kindness, trust, and dare I say, love, at our work and on our teams. 

That’s risky I know, but that’s where the reward is – taking risks in choosing to believe the best in others, and ourselves.

May we enjoy the day, enjoy helping others, unify our strengths, and enjoy making a difference by risking a little more love and trust in all we do each day.

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