Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There.

We’ve all heard the expression don’t just sit there – do something, but sometimes, it’s the exact opposite that proves more true.

We do a lot of “something” all the time, and that constant doing, can reek havoc on our mind, body, and soul.

Just think about the shame, guilt, and condemnation that can sink in when we are just “sitting” there. At least I know, I can start feeling like I need to be “doing” something. I’m wasting time. I could be doing something productive…and so, we begin the doing. Whatever that may be.

Maybe it’s picking the phone back up to catch up on the latest news feed, or clicking the television on, or turning the music on, or tending the garden, or going to work out, or whatever it may be – not that those things are wrong – but simply sitting there can be down right painful.

Why is that? It’s almost as if we are afraid to sit alone with our thoughts. To take in our surroundings, to pray, and to relax. To rest – to simply be.

Some practice meditation and understand the benefits it can bring, and I’m not saying sitting alone in a meditative state is what we all should be doing, but there is value, tremendous value, in taking moments of silence, and inaction, and to simply be aware of ourselves, our bodies, and our hearts.

It gives us time to clear and clarify our thoughts, it allows us time to digest our feelings, and for those of us who believe in God, to hear our loving Father’s voice. This requires silence though, and time of simply sitting, seeking Him, and reflecting.

Is it hard to turn the radio, phone, television and other stimulus off? If so, why? There was a time I literally had to be drinking alcohol if I were alone too long. I couldn’t simply be by myself without some sort of “buzz”, and/or distraction.

Today, though sober nearly 20 years, I find a new invitation being extended to me that at first blush, I feared.

To go someplace alone for several days – not work related, for I have done plenty of corporate travel, but this alone travel would be personal.

No one but me, and my Heavenly Father. My initial thought to this was no way – how depressing, even somewhat terrifying – but the more the invitation came to me, the more curious I became.

So – I have the trip planned, and I’m going. It will be a new adventure, and no doubt new discoveries will be made about myself. I don’t know about you, but so often our identity gets lost in our roles – what we do for a living, our social status, our hobbies, our family roles, but those are just parts of who we are.

God knows our true name – who we are in His eyes, and He’s eager for us to know too. So, He saves us and heals us so that we can be all He created us to be. But frankly, I know I need to slow down and sit – stop doing, going, moving, racing – and just sit more to truly embrace those truths.

So – don’t just do something, sit there from time to time, and let’s experience where that journey will lead us.

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