Peace Out

Finding fault in others and even ourselves is easy. But what I love so much about God’s advice to us is He is constantly reminding and encouraging us to hold each other up, to pursue peace, and to find the beauty in everyone, over faults.

To do this however, we must be content, confident, and at peace on the inside for genuine peace to flow out – peace in, peace out.

To know, and enjoy God personally empowers us to sincerely encourage, build up, and compliment others, rather than tear down, criticize, compete, and be jealous of them.

We all battle insecurities and anxieties, but we can better aim at harmony with others, when we are at harmony and peace with God. This means we have a relationship with God, trust Him, believe His promises, and live accordingly. It’s experiencing and receiving His love for us – and believing we are in fact lovable. As such, we are able to better love others and ourselves – Peace out👊

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