“Adventure Capitalist”

Apparently there’s a video game called Adventure Capitalist, which isn’t known by me, but long before the game existed, the title was used for those who loved the pursuit of adventure.

Interestingly, the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, is quoted as saying, “true adventure begins when everything goes wrong”.

If this be true, we are all adventure capitalist because we all face things that go wrong every day – but it’s our response to these things that can make all difference in the world.

Not that we want the trouble, or even seek it, for it finds us, but when it does, what do we do? Panic, run, hide, deny, fear, or engage and explore the new possibilities, change, and options troubles often brings?

Just like a surfer, or rock climber facing a challenge, it stimulates their minds, engages their reflexes, pumps adrenaline and dopamine through their bodies, and they react. They take a risk, they engage, adapt, and as a result, they are experiencing and living out adventure.

The same is true for us, even if we aren’t hanging off a mountain face, or battling a giant wave, we do know what it’s like to be in positions of risk, change, and being forced to make decisions in the middle of the chaos – hopefully resulting in the best outcomes possible.

“Welcome to the jungle” is a song by Guns and Roses, but it could also be titled “welcome to the adventure” – for adventure is wild, untamed, unfiltered, raw, and risky.

We can’t avoid it, and we must learn to engage it – to expect it and not be discouraged, depressed, or disappointed by it. Rather, when adventure/trouble comes our way, we can stand on the balls of our feat, lean into it, and understand something will change by it – it will be a new outcome, and it should also result in changing each of us.

For if anything, adventures are invitations to growth – opportunities to lean into our faith, adapt, and create changes in us that are hopefully, for the better.

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