Tis The Season…

We are reminded in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is a season for everything, and a time for every activity on earth.

Seasons come and go, and are completely out of our control. They come to us, and we are enveloped by them. The learning is to not fight against these seasons, but to move our attentions and intentions with them. Knowing there is a revealing and healing of the heart involved.

I have so wrongly fought for “balance” in my life. You know – work/life balance, etc. But this simply isn’t possible, for what if a new Winter season has come, and I’m still focusing on the Summer season – having missed the Fall season completely. I’m going the freeze because I’m totally distracted and devoted to a former focus, and looking over my shoulder to the incoming one, or maybe not at all. I can’t do both well – one season has moved on, and a new one has come.

That requires flexibility to be out of balance in my own eyes, but perfect in God’s. Perhaps it’s a momentary time to focus on my marriage, and my family, but I’m so focused on my work. Or it’s a time to work, and I’m distracted by and focused on play.

Truly, the inclinations of the heart must be so aligned with God that it moves with, engages, and trusts the seasons He brings and removes. It’s a continual focus on God, prayer, listening, seeking, and obeying.

Look around, what season has come? What’s the time, no matter how long or short it may be? Is it planting here, and harvesting there? Perhaps crying, or laughing; dancing, or grieving; scattering, or gathering; silence, or speaking? All these and more are activities listed in the Bible as season appropriate. Yet, how often have we tried to harvest when the time is to plant?

Far too often in trying to maintain a sense of balance, I create friction because I’m working against the appointed season and time. I may demand joy, when the moment calls for grieving; or I want to talk, when the best for me to do is offer silence.

We can’t know the season(s) apart from God. We can sense the changes, but only in Him can our hearts be guided and directed through and in them – and to know when to move on from them.

Life is truly a grand adventure with God that invites us to walk with great expectations. This faith fuel flows from a hope that springs from our heart’s knowing we are deeply loved beyond measure by our Father.

He makes it all so – He created seasons for a purpose, and in them, He works to bring newness of life, healing, revelation, and various invitations to join Him in the ever changing and nourishing adventures of life.

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