Thin Skin Or Hard Heart

May we grow in the faith and confidence that our true identity and value is in Christ, and that we are secure in Who’s we are without any need for fear, or anxiety to what may others may think and say about us. For being thin skinned is a painful way to live, causing us to take things far too personally and placing way too much worth on others’ opinions.

However, in an attempt to guard our emotions, and not be so thin skinned, we may actually be tempted to go in the opposite direction of hardening our hearts. This too is a dangerous place to be because we neglect any concern for others outside ourselves and even then, our hardness only serves to harm our ability to feel, care, empathize, sympathize, and relate – not a healthy place to be.

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in either extremes of being so thin skinned we stumble at the slightest offenses, or become so hard hearted we lack any concern for our fellow man.

Like Christ, may we fully know the power that comes from His truth about our identity, value and worth. May this be without any waiver, allowing us to overlook offenses, and stand firm while fully acknowledging our feelings and understanding their origins.

This spiritual maturity, like any growth requires work and takes time, but as our hearts heal and are minds are renewed through truth, we are better equipped to receive and share kindness, goodness, and love both from others and towards others.

Such freedoms spring from God’s bountiful blessings that empower us to see the lies and attacks that come our way through a lens of truth. Granting us the wisdom to keep from the pains of being thin skinned, or hard hearted.

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