Deep Discoveries

I’ve been walking closely with God nearly two decades now. Though my time is more than some and less than others, it has been the most transformational years of my life. The adventure has been grand and the discoveries deep.

Though as seemingly slow as an archeological dig, God has revealed, renewed, restored, refreshed, and reenergized every aspect and detail of my life, and continues to show me new things about Himself, myself, and others each day.

It’s a seemingly endless process of discovering who I really am at my heart’s level, how profoundly kind and loving God truly is, and how precious every person and life is.

As author, John Eldredge once encouraged some of his friends to do, if I had to choose five words to describe my life today, they would be:

Grateful for all God has done, is doing, and will do. There is great anticipation like never before to all the wonders God has planned, some uncertainty naturally to what’s around life’s corner, but not without hope, and with a spirit of exploration. For I am in a process of exuberant and continuous discovery, not only about myself, but also, others, my God, and His creation. As a result to all this, there is a restoration and healing taking place in my heart and soul that is emotionally overwhelming, but oh so sweet!

It’s kind of like the lead character in the Disney movie, Moana – there is a calling that can’t be ignored, discoveries, adventures, and battles to be had, and ultimately a reconciliation, and recovery to what had been lost and stolen – that can now be shared in faith, through hope, and in love.

Such discoveries of the heart truly make for great stories – and our lives are and can be some of the greatest stories lived, when we choose to trust it all with God. For He is the Master at creating masterpieces out of any messes. And as such, we are never without hope, no matter the prior messes we may have made, or even came from.

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