Heart Attacks

We are told by God that our hearts are the wellspring to life, and that we are to guard them.

This is because they are under attack, and if our hearts can be damaged, hardened, broken, bitter, and angry…well, we know what that outflow looks like.

On the other hand, if we truly guard our hearts as the precious treasures they are, overlook offenses, forgive, choose grace, mercy, and love, over hate, vengeance, and resentment, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Jesus’ heart was under constant attack, and yet He never hardened. He told the truth – but it was always in love, with wisdom, and He even prayed for those who attacked Him. “Father, forgive them – they do not know what they are doing”.

Can we do this? Better question is, will we choose to do this?

It’s downright hard – but when we realize the spiritual warfare against us, we can see the attacks through a spiritual lens rather than a physical one. We can better see the attacks as attempts to wound our hearts, damaging us to a point where we can be manipulated to damage others, and even ourselves.

When we walk with wounded hearts, unaware, or unwilling to receive the healing offered to us, we see the physical manifestation of this all around – wars, division, discord, damage, etc. Seems a lot like the brilliant strategy of a master thief, who prowls to devour, to steal, to kill, and to destroy goodness, hope, faith, love, people, and hearts.

When we see this clearly, we are better equipped to guard against it and say “hell no”. You will not damage my heart any longer – you’re not allowed in, I choose not to accept the invitation of harm you are attempting and extending.

Rather, we guard our hearts, in faith, with love for self and others, and cling to the hope we have that God equips and empowers us to do so.

Have you been hurt, offended, or wounded lately, or even long ago, and still carrying the roots of bitterness, rage, and unforgiveness they invite us into? Yea – me too. Almost like precious coins, there’s a part of me that wants to collect them, and hoard them, but why?

They create in me a bitterness, and woundedness that hinders my walk. It cripples my heart from being truly free. This of course is what the enemy of our hearts wants, and I so willingly fall into the trap, but God tells us, reassures us, and helps us see the trap, stay clear from it, and the strength to overcome and heal from the real wounds that occurred.

It requires trust for sure, faith, surrender, hope, and love – all the good things God offers to us to free us to live as His beloved, and to help others experience the same love and freedoms He has bestowed upon us.

May we choose His way, His freedom, and His grace to walk in a wounded world, surrounded by relentless attacks, as beacons of light amidst such darkness and as extensions of His love, freedom, and healing.

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