Abounding Beauty

Beauty surrounds us. Though hard to see at times, God’s creation abounds with beauty and proclaims His glory (Psalm 19:1)

And beauty refreshes, nourishes, and rejuvenates our souls. All good things come from God, and as such, we are blessed by His beauty and goodness.

Look at a sunrise over the mountains, or a sunset closing out the day over the sea – the profoundness of such images can’t adequately be captured by words, but we all know the impact these landscapes have on our soul.

We need the music of birds, the cascading of rivers, and the silence of night, broken only by the singing of frogs and crickets.

Though all things and all people are broken from their original design, the beauty of God is still present if we only dare look, seek, and hold out hope for it.

And when we do, floods of emotion can’t help but swell our eyes with tears as we are consumed by it, linger in it, and allow it to penetrate and pursue us in return. We exhale the breathe we have been holding, and these sighs relax and rejuvenate our hearts.

Oh, the power of beauty! How often we let it go without a moment’s notice. We allow it to fly by with just a passing glance as we become distracted by the demands and difficulties of life.

Yet, in God’s unrelenting love, His beauty pursues us, surrounds us, and calls to us if we dare to only slow down and look for it.

And it’s inside each of us too – to be offered as gifts of grace to others, and in the kindness we show to ourselves.

Some may get confused, and ask but what is beauty? I do not feel beautiful – but beauty transcends such things. For if there is life – there is beauty. God is the giver of life, the essence of love, and the Father of light – and as such, His beauty flows as rivers of light to each of us as gifts to our hearts and souls.

And such beauty helps us not merely survive, but thrive amidst the brokenness of our world.

For only light can drive out darkness – evil and sin, though at times masquerading as light, can not drive out darkness – only true light can do this.

And true light is of God, and these precious gifts of beauty found within light, love, laughter, and landscapes are given to offer His beloved hope, healing, and help to persevere in the good works set before us.

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