I love the beach – everything about it. The sand, the surf, the salt, the sun, the play, the rest, the beauty. It truly is a refreshing and nourishing place for my heart and soul.

One of the more relaxing parts of my trip to the beach involves beachcombing, where I simply stroll along the shoreline looking for shark teeth, shells, whatever interesting find there may be. It’s like picking up little treasures as I walk along my way.

My mind looks and marvels at the beauty all around when I’m at the beach. It seems to almost shout to me – I can not ignore it, or crowd it out. The beauty almost finds me, as much as I find it.

I am detached from social media, undistracted by the pace of life. I find time to rest, enjoy, and experience the goodness of God all around.

Yet these experiences don’t have to be limited to the beach, mountains, woods, etc. Granted, nature helps us in this regard to refocus our attention to the grandeur of God’s creation all around. It’s helpful to our healing – however, God’s goodness, kindness, and love surrounds us like treasures in the sand. We merely have to keep an expectant eye open for them.

It’s the distractions, demands and hardships of life that often blind us to these blessings and drown out such beauty. Evil also seeks to kill, destroy, and steal any true joy and goodness we experience.

But we don’t have to give these blessings up so easily. We can keep our souls alert, our eyes open, and our hearts soft towards the majesty and treasures of God.

It’s beachcombing – not just at the beach, but all along our walk in life.

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