By The Beach – Life. Light. Love.

As I reread the events that took place after Jesus’ ressurection, I was drawn to the day He sat and had breakfast at the beach with His friends.

This is our risen Lord, going to the beach and calling from shore out to His friends fishing from their boat, and asking if they caught anything?

He then offers a helpful suggestion and they began catching loads of fish.

As they excitedly make their way back to shore, with Peter once more jumping in the water, they find a fire with breakfast being prepared.

Jesus invites them to bring some of the fish they had just caught, with His help, and add it to the ones He was already preparing for them.

He then serves them breakfast, as they sit around a crackling fire on the beach. I can imagine the sound of waves rolling against the shore, birds singing in the background, the smell of food over a crackling fire, maybe some laughter, and Peter’s overcoat drying out draped over a rock.

The scene is captivating. It is inviting. It is nourishing. For this is not the picture of a distant, ghostly, and somber Jesus – but one that reflects a deep commitment to relationship, and one who is overflowing with thoughtfulness, care, and love for His friends.

At the end of breakfast, Jesus takes the time to encourage His dear friend Peter. To restore Him, with honor, kindness, dignity, and in love. He then invites Him to go and do likewise – to feed, care and tend to others (His sheep & lambs).

Jesus’ light, love and life shines so brightly here for me, because at such a magnificent time in history, He’s taking time to sit alongside, cook and share breakfast for His friends. To call their hearts and souls back to their mission, and He does it so naturally, so lovingly, so kindly, so tenderly, so gently, so beautifully, and so wisely.

He gives them direction. He provides the supply (fish) as they obeyed His direction. He then invites them to bring what He just supplied and to combine it (join in) with what He was already doing/cooking. Then He serves them, again, and restores them to their calling.

All of this illustrates how we are to live. For as He restores Peter to love, feed, and care for others, He basically paints the picture of how life with Christ looks.

As we trust and obey, He supplies, and as we participate and join in on what He is already doing, He serves, as we in turn serve, and all of this is done in love, relationship, and fellowship that points others back to our living, caring, and loving Father.

Jesus truly is my hero!

When you forget your true identity as a beloved child of God, you lose your way in life. Insecure and frightened, you act not freely, but out of fear. You become preoccupied trying to please others and you lose the confidence to be yourself. You work hard to avoid rejection, or abandonment, and you may cling to people more from fear than freedom. In making compromises you may please people but lose touch with your original blessing, the connection to the deep and everlasting love of God. Jesus announces to us, “Do not be afraid. I dwell in you till the end of time.”Alleluia! Christ is risen, and we are no longer afraid”. – Henry Nouwen

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