Wade In

We are told Jesus didn’t take the easy route. Instead, He waded right in to help people all around Him – choosing to “take on the troubles of the troubled”.

And as Christ followers, we are called to do the same. To help others, pursue peace wherever and whenever possible, and to work towards reconciliation more so than perfection.

Reconciliation amidst troubles is hard work, and “ain’t” for the faint of heart, or faithless. It can’t be done well apart from God. For in the flesh we rage, compete, clammer, covet, and judge. Rather than love, give, share, and forgive with mercy and grace.

We all have troubles and therefore God ministers to us all, and then strengthens us to help others as He helps us. It’s a pattern of love, care, and concern.

Conflict resolutions, relational conflicts, work stresses, family breakdowns, personal burnout, and more are all parts of this life, and all serve as great invitations for Jesus to “wade into” our lives to help and heal, and for us to wade into others lives to do likewise.

Are you having troubles, and working to help resolve troubles? Is it tiresome, stressing, and discouraging? Yea – me too, but then I read Romans 15, and I am reminded to the majesty, the goodness, the blessing, the decency, the ministry, and the “good work” all this truly is. Helping mature us, nurture us, and extend us deeper into our calling, and our ministry.

It’s where the rubber hits the road. Engaging everyday life, everyday troubles, and everyday people with the everyday gospel.

All this makes our rest ever so sweeter, and our prayers ever so deeper, and our hearts ever so bigger. Wade in.

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