Beauty Amidst The Rubble

Is there the belief that there is a basic thread of holiness that permeates all things and people? Or, is the belief one of cynicism that people are corrupt, and the world is hopeless?

Clearly, both sides can be argued, but where do we most often default?

For me, and for far too long, I was the cynic – or as this condition has been described, I operated as a “wounded optimist”. But the truth is I feared my desire and optimism. For I feared rejection, failure, disappointment, loss, and betrayal. I feared my worst thoughts and opinions about people and myself were actually true.

When considering all this, fear, not faith, lurked behind and controlled both my skepticism and cynicism.

However, as my heart heals, and I allow myself to experience God’s unrelenting love, I have discovered a renewal and resurrection of hope.

As fear diminishes and loses its grip, my cynicism fades, and rather than seeing, expected, or looking for the worst in others, including myself, I begin to hope for, and look for the good.

Beauty is all around us. We must nearly look for it amidst the rubble. God’s glory, power, love, and majesty is vast and endless, but what are we focusing on? The same is true with people. What are we looking for amidst their and our own personal rubble?

I so desire to see myself, and others, as Jesus sees us. Yes, He sees the condition of the heart, but He doesn’t stop there. Instead, He loves us anyway. He desires to rescue our hearts, to help us heal, to teach us to love, and how to ultimately live wisely and well.

He empowers us to live and love freely, and abundantly in faith – trusting Him, loving Him, loving ourselves, and loving others.

Sadly, this isn’t always the easiest of work for us to engage due to the stubbornness and hardness of our hearts.

Yet, when we choose to believe the promises and goodness of God, rather than our doubts, and fears, God draws out the beauty He placed deep within us as His beloved. This not only opens our hearts into a deeper relationship with Him, but also with each other.

We become unified as a family, imperfect, while holy, and filled with a new hope, overflowing with love that lives by faith, not fears. Able to hold both truths – that we are broken and beautiful without discouragement, but with great expectation of all that is still possible and yet to come.

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