Which Way?

We may wonder which way is the best way to go at various times in our life. Or at least I do.

Maybe it’s simply directions to a location, a career decision, and/or a choice to make about whether or not to do a particular act.

None of us want to intentionally go any other way, other than the best way. But it can be hard to know what that is sometimes. Just look at all the different opinions and interpretations out there, even among Christians.

However, we see in John 14:1 Jesus encourages us to not “let” our hearts be troubled, but instead to trust Him. Don’t trust opinions, don’t trust feelings – trust Him.

But how can we trust Him if we don’t know Him? So, Jesus helps us further by going on to say He is way, the truth, and the life. These step by step instructions are powerful amidst a world of confusion and misdirection.

For He reminds us to not let our hearts be troubled. This means we have a choice to be troubled, or not. Why wouldn’t we be troubled when so much going around us seems chaotic? Because we can trust Him completely in all situations. We can trust He is present, willing, directing, knowing, and available. We are not alone, or without hope.

In John 1:38, Jesus asks some of His followers what they want from Him.

Tremendously helpful question to get clarity, and to guide us further into our hearts.

I’ve asked myself this question. What do I want? Truly. And I’ve asked others this question. What are they pursuing, chasing – what do they want? Surprisingly, many have not been able to say exactly.

I discovered and realized that once all the superficial stuff falls away, and we acknowledge what it is we truly want, it always points to Jesus. Which is why we don’t have to be troubled.

God is inviting my heart and all our hearts to know Him, and as we do, more and more truth is known to us, and this truth sets us free to live life well. But life can’t be lived well apart from Christ. For He is the Creator of it, in control of it, and cares the most about it.

What’s the way? I had to ask myself which way I’m trying to go, and where it is I want to go. What do I want, and what am I seeking?

Thankfully, the answers point me directly to the unchanging, unwavering, unconditional love of Jesus.

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