Lies To Self

I love the verse in Psalm 119:29 that says, “keep me from lying to myself”.

How often I have and continue to do this – but oh how grateful I am for the truth. It truly sets us free – even from our own lies.

Lies that we aren’t good enough, lies that we don’t need anyone, lies that God isn’t intricately involved in our life. Lies that there is no hope if the earthly powers we look to begin to falter. Lies that when we stumble we aren’t saved.

So many lies – so many false alignments and allegiances made.

Jesus is truly our only firm foundation, and anchor. He is our greatest adventure, and our overwhelming goodness. All the places, people, possessions, power, and platforms we so often look to for fulfillment are nice, but none of them are lasting, or reliable long term. For everything on this planet lacks perfection. It’s all fading, and broken in some way.

But this isn’t all bad news, or disparaging when the falsehoods we hold begin to fall away. For God is always perfect, always pursuing, always near, always reliable, always loving, always caring, and always there. So, armed with these truths, we are free to see reality as it truly is, and where our hope truly resides.

What is there to cling to other than Jesus? I have tried countless other things, and ways, and have convinced myself of many lies about myself, God, and others. Lies that ultimately cause me to isolate my heart, harbor my insecurities, pursue temporal pleasures, and chase fading treasures.

Though no where in the league of King Solomon’s grand scale, I have learned the palatable truth to his expression, “all is vanity under the sun”.

Also, it appears to me at times my spiritual growth is so slow – which is another lie I can allow to discourage.

For how I desire to be all God made me to be right now. To be without falter – but how dangerous, and slippery this lie is. It’s the idolatry of perfection, and independence blanketed in the facade of spiritually.

Knowing our brokenness and relying on God for His daily help, wisdom and direction, fuels our worship, praise, compassion, and pursuits.

As a mustard seed grows in time into a tree, I have realized the patience, tenderness, and intimate care God takes in tending to my soul, and healing my heart.

For He is our Wonderful Counselor, and our Great Physician, and knows perfectly and precisely what He’s doing.

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