Expanding In Joyful Expectancy

It’s so hard to wait on something we don’t yet have.

However, instead of getting frustrated, impatient, and running ahead of God’s timing to make things happen quicker, there’s so much wisdom imbedded in life to teach us the profound goodness and blessings of waiting.

Christmas presents are a wonderful example of this. We wait to tear into the thoughtful gifts under the tree, and the anticipation builds day after day. Pregnancy is another example, the blessing grows larger and larger until finally the day comes and a new life is brought into ours – forever changing us into parents.

Vacations and passings of seasons are other examples of joyful expectancy. We eagerly look forward to our next adventure, trip, reunion, and travel. And the closer the time comes, the greater our desire, joy, and hope grows.

So many things illustrate the beauty of waiting – all pointing to the greatest anticipation in all creation. Clearly, this is being with Jesus in our heavenly home. Yet, at times this can seem so distant, and foreign. But all the joyful expectancies we experience here on earth fail in comparison to the overwhelming goodness and glory this day will bring.

Remembering this truth helps me hold my desires here on earth for what they are – illustrations and foretastes of what is yet to come. It points me back to the greatest anticipation of my heart, and stimulates both appreciation and praise – while at the same time sweetens the experiences I get to enjoy here on earth. For all good things flow from God.

Waiting can be hard, but as I welcome the anticipation to grow with each passing day, I know what awaits me will be a celebration of emotion, but more so, it reminds my heart of the greatest gift still to come – the joyful anticipation of my homecoming. The goodness and glory of God without any of the groanings of sin, my flesh, the world, or any impurity whatsoever.

If the good things we get to experience here on earth can be so wonderful, I can’t even begin to imagine what Heaven will be like, and allowing this joyful expectancy to grow only intensities each foretaste I get to enjoy here.

Learning to celebrate our seasons of waiting, the desires of our heart, and allowing these things to grow the joy and hope inside each of us, is so healthy to our spirits, minds, bodies, and soul. Additionally, our desires become purified, refined, reshaped, and renewed as our relationship and trust in God grows. They become better, healthier, and truer to our hearts as God heals our hearts to mirror His.

Even if they never come during our time here, it doesn’t mean they are gone forever. This is a limited mindset that frustrates and can lead us into anger, discouragement, and discontentment. But living with an eternal mindset means, we know this life on earth is just the beginning – the best is yet to come – an eternity of adventure, exploration, learning, joy, goodness, and glory awaits all those who know, trust, and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “Expanding In Joyful Expectancy

  1. nanajo1954@aol.com

    I am looking forward to the day I meet Jesus and enjoy a sinless life. Your words touched my heart ❤️

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