New Beginnings

New beginnings invite us to experience a fresh start with new opportunities, adventures, relationships, and even challenges.

And who doesn’t appreciate a good challenge? Though there is risk of failure, there is also the enjoyment of being in the game, choosing to dance, and to pursue the potential victories.

Yet, it’s the risk and fear of failure that keep so many on the sidelines, whether it be in relationships, finances, travels, fitness, work, and/or even our hobbies.

There was once someone who worked so well at their job, they often won free trips to exotic places around the globe every year. Sadly, though, they rarely ventured off the resorts to explore the unknown areas. Deciding instead to simply remain by the pools.

They also purchased several new toys each year, such as boats, cars, 2nd homes, and any other material desire they had. However all these things were rarely used, and were eventually sold.

Even their work, though very financially successful at it, was something done out of duty with very little enjoyment, or internal value. It was just for the money and that was their primary goal – for that was what they knew they could do well with very little risk of failure.

All these other things, though inviting, presented potential loss, the risk of failure, and lacked the luster they had so hoped they would provide.

Sad story, I know, and there are many more like it I could share about others who may have had a lot of money and material things, but very little satisfaction beyond that.

It’s almost as if there is this temptation to “sell out our life” in order get something we believe will fulfill us, only to discover, we starved our souls and allowed countless new beginnings to pass us by.

Thankfully, our stories can be different. For God’s mercies are new each morning, and Jesus gives us new life, new beginnings, and leads us into our new ending. An ending of beauty, faith, hope, and love.

Even when we have troubles in the world, God’s children have the eternal confidence, and hope of seeing the goodness of God, experiencing it, and sharing it.

I have come to realize though that the lies I tell myself have a powerful way of blinding me to these truths. Discouragement, distraction, and despair can all take root when we look to any other person, place, or thing other than Jesus for our reason for hope and living.

This makes Joshua 24:14 such a powerful reminder – that we can choose each new day whom we will serve. And may we always be wise enough to choose our Lord. Day by day, hour by hour – and year to year.

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