Freedom Fighters

In a book I recently read, the following question was posed to ponder – “can anything good, or beautiful in this world be protected without a fight”?

I don’t believe so, for unfortunately in this world, it seems such things are often hunted and marred. But isn’t this what we are told by God the enemy does? He kills, steals, and destroys.

So is it any wonder why our heart undergoes some of the greatest attacks? For what is more beautiful than a person with healthy heart, filled with faith, hope, love?

We also know we are sent out into this world as sheep among wolves, and none of us will come away from this adventure unscathed. Dangerous grounds for a heart, which is why we are warned to guard them, remain alert, shrewd, and innocent.

We are warriors really. Freedom fighters with battle wounds for sure, but it is a good fight. A fight for beauty, for freedom, and for healing, and this fight isn’t always outward.

Often times the fight is within. Against are very own wayward desires, insecurities, wounds, and pains.

Thankfully, although our outward bodies will inevitably get dirty from the dust of the world, and are in need of constant prayer, when we belong to the army of believers, our spirits remain eternally clean and secure because of the sacrificial love of Jesus.

Our hearts can therefore receive the continual healing required to make us even more effective in our calling and to live out our freedom in this world – to help care, love, heal, share, and fight for the bruised, captive, and hurting with the same love and care we have received from our Father.

Clearly not always easy, but definitely worth fighting for.

And as one pastor has said, “our deepest ministry comes from our deepest hurts, and our deepest life message comes from our deepest pains”.

So is it any wonder the hardest places of struggle for us is often times where we also find our hearts are best equipped to connect with both passion and compassion with others?

Miraculously, God wastes nothing through His power and grace, and has spared no expense to redeem our hearts and our beauty, even as we set out in faith, fighting the good fights.

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