To Be A Rock And Not To Roll

Stairway To Heaven is no doubt one of the most well known rock n’ roll songs of all time. And various interpretations, analysis, and commentaries have been made about it. So, I won’t do that – but there is one lyric, amongst the many, that stands out to me, and it comes at the very end of the song. To be a rock and not to roll.

Again, even though a lot has been said already, one of the most beautiful things about art and music is interpretation, and this lyric plucks a chord for me on various levels.

For I want to be a rock of faith, a rock of integrity, a man who’s handshake is rock solid. Who’s character is without question, and a man who’s love is steadfast and true.

To be this man and not to “roll away”. To be rooted in God’s word and my faith. To not waver, wander, and wane.

Clearly, this resonates with me because in my past, I wasn’t much in the way of being this type of man consistently.

Rather, I wasn’t very grounded, although I was disciplined, and ambitious, I wasn’t about to get too close to anyone, or allow anyone to get too close to me. I wasn’t fully grounded in God’s truth, so I often just made up my own – and this is what about destroyed me.

So today, and for nearly twenty years now, I’ve been on a journey to be the man God created me to be. To know why I believe what I believe, being grounded in His truth, and being clear in purpose, patient with people, and persevering in my faith, and my heart’s healing.

I know I’m prone to wander. I know what it’s like figuratively and spiritually to be the prodigal, the prostitute, and the pimp. I’ve played them all – but no longer. Today – I desire in faith, hope, and love to be as solid as a rock in all these areas, and not to roll.

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