Under The Dragon’s Wing

I was watching the movie, Gangs of New York recently and one of the lines in the movie that resonated with me was, and I’m paraphrasing, is “there is a warmth that strangely exists under the dragon’s wing.”

Obviously, this may conjure up various images in one’s mind and perhaps has just as many diverse interpretations, but for me, it spoke to the recognition of the deep desire our hearts have for affirmation. Even if it comes from the very thing that is and will devour us.

It’s a sobering realization when we begin seeing the things we turn to for comfort and affirmation can indeed be the same things that kill the true desires of our hearts.

Clearly, this can be addictions, for how many have and continue to turn to the bottle and other substances like they’re a dear friend to help us overcome the trials in our soul. Knowing at the same time, these addictions will eventually destroy us.

Or, how often has a relationship been twisted from the healthy nourishment it naturally provides to one that is consuming, codependent, and is being used to fulfill needs designed to be met by another.

We no doubt, all have various dragons to face during our lifetime, and perhaps are living under the wing of one today – but I know this to also be true for believers, “that we are strong, and God’s word lives in our heart, and through Christ, we have won the battle with the evil one”. 1 John 2:14

Though this doesn’t make it any easier, pleasant, or comfortable to break free from the temporary and false warmth a “dragon” may provide – it does mean we have been set free and our hearts are in a position of healing.

This empowers us in faith to face off with our dragons, and though it may be one of the hardest things we do, it is also one of the most liberating experiences to God’s goodness, freedom, truth, and grace, as we heal and witness our dragons fall one by one.

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