“Shoot. Your. Shot.”

The expression “shoot your shot” is largely a sports one where players are encouraged to take the shot before them. It’s also widely used now-a-days to help encourage folks to take a chance, or even ask a person out on a date.

Either way, the mantra is clear – go for it. For we miss out on 100 percent of what we don’t go for.

We see this quite often in the workplace too – lack of self drive, motivation, and/or care to deliver the best everyday, and every time.

Thus, micromanagement creeps in to push and prod people forward.

This is true both financially and health wise as well – many may aspire for better, but rarely “shoot their shot”, or take the actions necessary to move their dreams and goals forward.

Moving forward is key in all these examples, not backwards, and not stagnate, but in a constant state of betterment.

We can all do this – it doesn’t take special talent to take action, but it does require the right mindset.

1. Purpose – knowing what we want, and what we’re shooting for is key. What’s our end goal? For example, is it merely having more, or do we desire something we only think having “more” will give us? As we faithfully dig into this, the areas of our hearts in need of healing will be revealed, and dealing with these wounds helps us to gain ground in our greater kingdom purpose.

2. Plan – investing the time, resources, and energy to develop a plan of action. To truly create the steps necessary through research and collaboration to develop a strategy to get us closer to our goals. We must define them, and know them, in order to even be in a position to take any shot. As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

3. Punch It – this is where the rubber hits the road and we actually go for it. We do it – we shoot our shot, and we’re committed to keep shooting. This can be difficult because if we miss we can feel as though we are failing, but this is when perseverance kicks in as we keep our eye on our purpose. Maybe we have to tweak the plan, but we keep punching away.

It’s an awesome thing when we encounter people like this – it’s contagious and inspiring. May we be so honored, bold, and steadfast to dare to shoot our shot(s) each and every day!

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