What’s Happening?

Sometimes this world can make us ask and wonder – what the heck is happening?!

Yet, despite all the confusion, change, conflicts, and chaos swirling all around us these days, there is also calm, new connections, compassion, care, and celebration.

All these things swirl together to create life. What we focus on however is typically what we will see the most of. Not that we deny or dismiss realty, but we also don’t dispose of our desires.

For desire propels us forward – and is largely what separates the wheat from the chaff. Those who move forward versus those who nearly stagnate in complaint, or fall back in despair.

As always, I am grateful for the faith-fueled leaders we have, and both cheer and marvel at the champions among us today. Who are they?

They are those who desire to charge mightily against all the headwinds, think creatively, work proactively, inspire, and reach out compassionately to those around them. Faithfully perusing the race before them, perhaps wavering at times in their humanity, but even in that, serving up some much needed encouragement as to the gift of second chances, renewal, perseverance, repentance, mercy, and grace.

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