Inviting My Moments To Matter

God created us for eternity. When we think about that and truly ponder the abundant love and profound grace of this fact, it’s overwhelming.

It’s also comforting to know my life is eternal – in Christ, for those who believe, know and follow Him, we have an everlasting existence and this world is only a phase of it. A whisper of what awaits.

To know this, and to believe it, helps me appreciate the every day moments even more. During this season of “great pause”, I wonder how many have truly paused, or have taken the opportunity to slow down?

We are designed and meant to work – no doubt about it, but sometimes our busyness simply hides our boredom. In an attempt to deaden the pain of all that stirs within.

As such, knowing we are created for eternity, and living within that mindset is liberating. For a moment, as I was in the sweet spot of this abiding, I felt calm. I felt renewal. I felt peace, joy, and a stillness in my soul.

I so often scurry and hustle with checklists. I move from one thing to the next, checking off what needs to be done and that seems to give me some sense of accomplishment – a checkoff-checklist life.

How empty is that? Living for checking off checklists. Then what? The goal is to complete the list and then I can what – relax? Not for long – for I must move and compile another list to accomplish. And if my accomplishments receive praise – even better.

This kind of living is so selfish – so self gratifying, and self seeking. No matter how spiritual my checklist(s) may aspire to be.

As I ponder eternity – why the rush? What’s my hurry really all about? What am I trying to chase down before it escapes me?

Eternity awaits. So yes, some things have a time table – but most are manufactured by me. We must work, but for what ends? Money – is that all our work amounts to?

So many questions to why I do what I do at times, but as God gently reminds me – He created me for eternity. He knows all about me – and getting to know Him helps enlighten me to me. The real me. Not the hurried and anxious to get things done me.

An eternity mindset also empowers me to slow down and to truly connect with my children and my wife. To take walks and talk. To get to know them better – and allow them to know me.

God gives us knowledge of Himself and this gives us insight to our inner self – and when this occurs, we can allow and enjoy the simple everyday moments more. We can seize them as opportunities for knowledge of others, care for others, and healing for our weary souls.

Yes, this season has been called the great pause – but have we taken the opportunity to learn how to pause?

Learning to be still and abide can so easily slip away as the busy distractions of our mind and the world allure us back into a checklist life.

The benefits of being created for eternity allows us permission to rest, and to learn how to enjoy fellowship with God, others, and a renewed peace within.

It’s an invitation to invest in the everyday moments eternity extends us, if we choose to embrace the opportunity to do so.

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